Rice is the daily staple for more than 3.5 billion people, accounting for 19% of dietary energy globally.

Rice farmers are among the world's most vulnerable to climate change impacts such as rising sea levels, salinity, temperature rise, drought and flooding.

Rice production needs to increase by 25% in the next 25 years to meet global demand. -IRRI

Membership Application

Become a member

As a global multi-stakeholder initiative, the Sustainable Rice Platform welcomes institutions from the public and private sectors, international agencies and development partners, research institutes, non-profits and producer groups.

Organizations can participate in the Sustainable Rice Platform by committing themselves formally to contribute, either financially or in-kind.

For membership application, please submit a completed membership application form to Secretariat@sustainablerice.org

Commitments and Benefits

The SRP invites institutions to be part of a global alliance for a sustainable rice for all.




The SRP has grown rapidly since its inception in 2011, and now comprises over 90 institutional members spanning a wide range of actors both within and outside the value chain.

SRP’s current membership includes government agencies and research institutes, rice traders and environmental and social NGOs.

  • Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize NV
  • Africa Rice Center
  • Agricultural Food and Marketing Association for Asia and the Pacific
  • AgroFrontera
  • Aidenvironment (Dialogue Partner)
  • AKC Commodities, Inc.
  • Alliance for Water Stewardship
  • Al-Wahab Rice Mills
  • AMRU Rice Ltd
  • Asian Center of Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture Intensification, Asian Institute of Technology
  • Atlas Trade Solutions
  • Barefoot Lightning
  • BASF SE Asia
  • Battambang Rice Investment Co., Ltd
  • Bayer
  • Better Grain Ltd
  • Breta Consulting Corporation
  • Buani Group I
  • Center for Fertilization and Plant Nutrition
  • Center for Organic Development
  • Center for Sustainable Rural Development
  • Clarmondial
  • Control Union World Group Co Ltd
  • Department of Agriculture / PhilRice, Philippines
  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Philippines
  • Directorate General of Food Crops
  • Dow AgroSciences
  • Ebro Foods
  • Engro
  • Fairtrade International
  • Galaxy Rice (Pvt) Ltd
  • GIZ
  • Global Rice Sourcing Co. Ltd
  • Golden Rice Co. Ltd
  • Indonesian Center for Food Crops Research and Development
  • Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Intercooperation Social Development India
  • International Fertilizer Industry Association
  • International Finance Corporation
  • International Plant Nutrition Institute
  • International Potash Institute
  • International Rice Research Institute
  • Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients Southeast Asia
  • Loc Troi Group
  • Louis Dreyfus Commodities
  • LT Foods
  • Mars Food
  • Matco Foods (Pvt) Ltd
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, Cambodia
  • Natcap Co. Ltd.
  • Nature Pearls Pvt Ltd
  • Nestle Paddy Rice Club
  • Nestle Thailand (Observer)
  • Network for Aquaculture Centres in Asia and the Pacific
  • NRSP Agriculture Processing Company Ltd.
  • Olam International
  • Orillion
  • Prime Agri Technologies
  • Provivi
  • Phoenix Global
  • Punjab Agricultural University
  • QualySense AG
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • REEDS Pakistan
  • Reismuehle Brunnen Co Ltd
  • SarVision
  • Satelligence
  • Solidaridad
  • Rice Department of Thailand
  • Rice Exchange
  • RICE TILLER-Cheshinovo
  • Rikolto (formerly VECO)
  • Solidaridad Network
  • SRI International Network and Resource Center (Observer)
  • Sri Lanka Department of Agriculture / Rice R&D Institute
  • SunRice
  • Syngenta
  • Taj Food Pvt Ltd
  • TAN-EU Capital Ltd
  • Tilda
  • UN Environment
  • Upland Rice Millers Co Ltd
  • UTZ
  • Van Sillevoldt Rijst B.V.
  • VBS Agrotech Ltd
  • VDM Group Ltd
  • Veetee Rice Ltd
  • VSO International
  • Westmill Foods Co Ltd
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Winrock International
  • WWF Pakistan