‘Rice for Tomorrow’ Symposium and Third Annual Plenary Meeting





25-26 November, 2013
Pullman King Power Hotel, Bangkok

Co-hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme, International Rice Research Institute, and Thailand Rice Department

Dear participant,

The SRP Secretariat team would like to extend its gratitude to all participants attending the “Rice for Tomorrow” Symposium and Third Annual Plenary of the Sustainable Rice Platform, held from 25-26 November in Bangkok.

The event, convened by UNEP and the International Rice Research Institute, was co-hosted by Thailand’s Rice Department. With 85 delegates from 16 countries around the world participating, this was the SRP’s largest Plenary meeting to date.

The Symposium was opened by the UNEP Regional Director, Dr Young-Woo Park and the Director General of Thailand’s Rice Department, Mr Chanpithya Shimphalee.

The Plenary Session realized a number of key outcomes:
• Endorsement of a 4-year SRP Roadmap from 2013-2016
• Review and endorsement of Guidelines for sustainable rice production
• Review and endorsement of the Platform’s strategy to field-test incentive mechanisms for adoption of sustainable best practice
• Election of new members of the SRP Advisory Committee

As agreed, we will be circulating the revised Draft SRP Guidelines to you within the coming week, and we remain open to your comments and suggestions on this working document.

We are also pleased to welcome new SRP members, including the International Finance Corporation (the World Bank’s investment arm). Commitments were also made by number of institutions in countries including Lao PDR, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. We look forward to welcoming these new members and will be making an official announcement in due course.

Undoubtedly, the Bangkok meeting helped to highlight the centrality of rice- in its key role in global food and nutritional security, in its demand for natural resources, particularly water, and in its contribution to GHG emissions. It was greatly encouraging to see such a positive response and commitment to action across all stakeholder groups and participating countries, and especially, to witness a vibrant and constructive debate throughout.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead as we prepare to implement the SRP’s Field Implementation Strategy, and welcome your engagement and participation in this important initiative. If you would like to participate in any way, just contact the SRP Secretariat.

Thank you again for your valuable participation and support for SRP.

The final programme and speaker presentations are available for download here:
00 Conference Programme (FINAL)
01 Welcome Remarks - Dr Young-Woo Park
02 Global Trends in the Agri-food Sector - James Lomax
03 Major Drivers of Change in the Asian Rice Economy: Accelerating Modernization - Bas Bouman
04 The Sustainable Rice Platform: A Global Multi-stakeholder Initiative - Wyn Ellis
05 Rice Sustainability Prospects For Asia - Apichart Pongsrihadulchai
06 IFC Sustainable Private Sector Development in Rice - Bruce Wise
07 GFP and the Better Rice Initiative Asia (BRIA) - Matthias Bickel
08 Bayer’s Sustainable Rice Initiatives - Mahesh Girdhar`
09 Sustainable Rice: Louis Dreyfus Activities - Guy Hogge
10 Introduction to SRP Guidelines - Jan Willem Molenaar
11 Driving Sustainable Best Practice Through Value-chain Incentives - Han de Groot
12 SRP Report 2013 and Roadmap 2013-2016 - Wyn Ellis
13 Field Implementation Strategies and Impact Indicators - Jan Willem Molenaar
14 From Guidelines to Tools - Takahiro Sato
15 Testing Farmer Incentive Mechanisms - Anke Kampschreur
16 Olam Sustainability - Rajeev Raina

Wyn Ellis, PhD.
SRP Coordinator


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