Operational and governance structure



Operational and governance structure

The SRP meets annually in plenary session to review its activities and plan forward. SRP’s operations are implemented through the following structure:

The SRP Advisory Committee, comprising representatives of SRP’s core partners and two governmental partners, provides overall oversight for the Working Groups and Secretariat. The AC is responsible for guiding work plans and ensuring that the SRP achieves its strategic objectives.

SRP’s Working Groups focus on implementation. Membership is voluntary and institution-based. WG 1 works on sustainability principles and guidelines, as well as identification and field-testing of tools, indicators and sustainable best practices. WG 2 focuses on development and adoption of effective outreach models, incentive mechanisms and value-chain efficiencies, based on the best practices identified by WG 1.

The SRP Secretariat supports the Advisory Committee and the Working Groups and is responsible for administration and coordination of operations. The Secretariat is managed by the SRP Coordinator. UNEP hosts the Secretariat and acts as its legal entity.

Member Participation: The SRP is a multi-stakeholder initiative, open to governments and governmental bodies, the private sector, research institutes and the international NGO community. Such organizations are invited to participate in the platform through financial or in-kind contributions. As the standards and outreach models develop and implementation on the ground advances, farmer representation and involvement will increase.


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