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The Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) is a multi-stakeholder organization that drives sustainability in the global rice sector. The SRP Membership Programme is open to any institution which supports our vision, mission and goals 

Our Value Proposition

SRP members have the opportunity to contribute to collective efforts to address key sustainability challenges in the rice sector. Membership offers the following benefits.


Connect and collaborate with actors in rice value chains to capture opportunities for funding partnerships, business and collaborative action for sustainable rice.


Leverage the outcomes of collaborative research that would otherwise be costly to conduct independently.

Tools and technical support

Gain preferential access to SRP tools; as well as shared expertise to support your strategy delivery.


Help shape SRP's strategies, programmes and policy advocacy to promote widescale adoption of sustainable, climate-smart best practices.

Sustainability commitment

Contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and increase visibility and recognition for your organizational commitment to sustainability.

Member Commitments

SRP membership underpins an organization’s commitment to promote smallholder livelihoods and sustainability in the global rice sector. Members commit to the following principles:


Support the SRP’s vision, mission, goal, objectives, and activities


Contribute financially and/or in-kind according to their resources and/or expertise


Develop and implement within their own organizations plans of action to support the SRP’s vision, mission and goals


Actively and constructively communicate and support the SRP’s process and implementation of projects, while adhering to relevant SRP policies and guidelines


Operate transparently and keep the SRP Secretariat regularly updated on plans, activities and outcomes of their initiatives in promoting resource efficiency and sustainable trade flows in the global rice sector


Follow the principles of transparent, consensus-based decision-making, and ensure that all substantive external communications regarding SRP are fair and truthful


Comply with all policies and guidance issued from time to time by the Secretariat in all external communications regarding SRP, including those relating to membership, use of any SRP logo and claims, including on-pack and off-pack claims


Rigorously uphold at all times the pre-competitive principle in all SRP-related communications with other members and external stakeholders in compliance with the relevant provisions of Anti-Trust and Competition law as applicable


Register all SRP-related projects with the Secretariat and provide regular updates on activities and impacts


Comply fully with SRP’s Policy on Intellectual Property Rights on ownership of intellectual assets co-created by members, employees, consultants and service providers as part of the organization’s mandate as a multi-stakeholder alliance operating in pre-competitive space


Submit an Annual Report of their organization’s activities and practical results achieved, supporting the goals of the SRP

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For more information about the SRP membership, please also read the SRP Membership Manual Programme.

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