Our Capabilities

Here’s what we can do for you.

Directly and through our members and strategic partners, SRP offers a range of support measures to facilitate adoption of climate-smart sustainable best practices.


We offer guidance, training and technical assistance to extension services, implementation partners and farmers to support upscaling of adoption of environmentally and socially sustainable, climate-smart rice production technologies under the SRP Standard and Performance Indicators.

Value Chain Development

We link smallholders to emerging markets for sustainable rice through the SRP Assurance Scheme and SRP-Verified on-pack label, providing a system for sustainable public procurement.

Policy Advocacy

We offer pathways for governments to incentivize adoption of climate-smart sustainable best practice among smallholders, including landscape-level approaches, that align farm-level and landscape benefits with macro-level policies -- including food security, water stewardship and climate change.

Support National Level Activities

We work to build local-level commitment to embed the principles of sustainable rice production in national policy and practice, through the support of national-level rice stakeholders from research, public and private sectors as well as civil society and the development community (e.g., through SRP National Chapters and development of National Interpretation Guidelines).

Knowledge Hub

We develop a digital data platform to generate an evidence base for monitoring SRP adoption and impact based on the SRP Performance Indicators, including productivity, water consumption/quality, soil health, biodiversity, climate change and gender impacts.


We develop branding and communication tools and collaterals for downstream value chain actors to build engagement with consumers through the sustainable rice narrative.

Project Implementation Partner

We serve as an anchor for public-private partnerships as a basis for bilateral and multilateral donors at both small and large scales.