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The specifics, the nitty-gritty that make it work.

Here are the tools that we offer to transform rice supply chains.

SRP tools are designed and regularly updated through a collaborative process involving extensive engagement with key stakeholders including online public consultations. The development and revision processes are overseen by the SRP Technical Committee.

Enabling farm-level adoption of sustainable practices

The SRP Standard for Sustainable Rice Cultivation is the world’s first voluntary sustainability standard for rice. With 41 requirements structured under eight themes and a focus on incentivizing actions within the farmer’s control, the Standard is an inclusive tool to drive wide-scale adoption of climate-smart, sustainable best practice among rice smallholders.

Monitoring impacts resulting from sustainable practices

The SRP Performance Indicators allow for measurement of the impacts of adoption of sustainable practices at farm level. The Performance Indicators enable implementers and researchers to collect benchmark data and communicate field-level outcomes in a consistent way using a set of 12 common indicators.

Verifying practices to make credible public sustainability claims

The SRP Assurance Scheme defines rules for measuring compliance with the SRP Standard and the use of SRP trademarks. Value chain actors may choose from three levels of assurance, positioned to accommodate the needs of resource-poor small farmers as well as export-oriented value chains.

Strengthening producer group self-management

The SRP Internal Management Systems Policy, Standard and Guidelines for Producer Groups guides producer groups to ensure effective and transparent organization and management of the group, as a foundation for strong self-assessment and internal assessment.

Ensuring traceability

The SRP Chain of Custody Policy and Standard specifies requirements for all applicant organizations with respect to sourcing, processing, labelling, and sale of rice-based products as SRP-Verified.

Communicating the brand

The SRP Brand Manual sets out principles and policies to uphold the SRP brand value, and provides guidance for use of the SRP Organizational logo and SRP-Verified Label.

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