Our Governance System and Team

Multi-stakeholder governance is at the core of the SRP system

Organizational Structure

The General Assembly functions as the SRP’s highest decision-making body, and meets annually to perform statutory functions and provide policy guidance.

Reporting to the General Assembly, the SRP Board advises on the strategy and action plans to ensure that the SRP achieves its objectives.

The SRP Secretariat is responsible for the overall management and coordination of SRP’s programmes, partnerships, communications and resource mobilization initiatives to advance the Strategic Plan and Annual Action Plans.

Two operational committees (Technical and Monitoring & Evaluation) allow members to help shape our goals, tools and activities.

General Assembly

SRP seeks to ensure all stakeholders have an equal and transparent opportunity to influence decisions and outcomes on SRP’s policies and operations, and on the design and management of our normative tools.

The foundation for the SRP governance system is its members. The primary authority of members is exercised through the General Assembly, which functions as the SRP’s highest decision-making body and meets annually to perform statutory functions and provide policy guidance. Voting rights and process are defined in the Articles of Association.

Between Annual General Assemblies, four functional entities carry out the operations of the organisation: the SRP Board, the SRP Secretariat, the Technical Committee, and the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee.

SRP Board

The SRP Board is elected by the General Assembly and oversees management of the global organisation on behalf of all members. It has a statutory responsibility for ‘general management and control’ of the organization. The Board is skills-based and comprises elected members representing key stakeholder constituencies. The Board is supported by two Board Committees.

The Board Committee on Governance and Risk (view Terms of Reference) is responsible for: periodic review of statutory and guiding documents notably the Articles of Association and Bylaws; review of legal status and agreements to meet governance requirements; assessing and tracking risk and governance-related issues with respect to SRP’s strategy; review of management, including risk management, structures, including day to day management structures; and advising on and reviewing national implementation structures.

The Board Committee on Resource Mobilization (view Terms of Reference) is responsible for: development, oversight and continuous improvement of SRP resource mobilization strategy in line with SRP’s vision, mission and non-profit status; provision of input for the SRP Strategic Plan and Annual Action Plan and ensuring alignment of the plan and the resource mobilization strategy; monitoring of funding opportunities and providing input on them to the SRP Secretariat; ensuring alignment on governance matters with the Governance Committee; ad hoc support on resource mobilization to the Board and Secretariat.

Meet our Board Members

Keith Jones


Bayer, Corteva, Syngenta

Bas Bouman


International Rice Research Institute 

Bruno Fischer


Foodtech Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Alan Johnson

Resource Mobilization Committee Chair

International Finance Corporation

Dr. Robert Zeigler

Governance and Risk Committee Chair

NetZeroAg Ltd

Catur Utami Dewi

Board Member


Anoushka Harris

Board Member

 ABF UK Grocery Group/Westmill Foods Co Ltd

Dr. Arjumand Nizami

Board Member

Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation

Adrian Sym

Board Member

Alliance for Water Stewardship

Shahid Hussain Tarer

Board Member

Galaxy Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd.

Jim Whitaker

Board Member

Winrock International

Mark Radka


UN Environment

SRP Secretariat

The SRP Secretariat is currently located in Bangkok, Thailand, and is led by the Executive Director, reporting directly to the SRP Board. The Secretariat manages and coordinates all SRP’s programmes and activities and is responsible for implementing the Annual Workplan under the Board’s oversight. Its roles and responsibilities fall into four broad categories: Operations (administration, membership and finance), Programmes, Communications and Resource Mobilization.

Meet our Team

Wyn Ellis

Executive Director

Natjaree (Nat) Sovajatsatakul

Office Manager and Finance Officer

Kongpichit Na Nakhonphanom

Standard and Assurance Manager

Nattarikarn (Pla) Thongsomboon

Monitoring, Reporting and Impacts Officer

Roong Tepkaew

Communications and Membership Manager

Sunantaya (Nam) Pinyopimolporn

Capacity Development Officer

Technical Committee

The SRP Technical Committee (view Terms of Reference) is appointed by the SRP Board and chaired by a volunteer Board member. The Technical Committee is concerned primarily with the integrity and quality control of the SRP System. The committee will provide oversight of implementation of the SRP Standard, Performance Indicators, Assurance Scheme, National Interpretation Guidelines, use of the SRP logo and claims, technical and scientific guidance and grievances concerning the operation of the system. The Technical Committee is expected to work collaboratively in providing recommendations and guidance to the SRP Board, the Secretariat as well as to SRP National Chapters and institutional members of SRP.

Monitoring and Evaluation Committee

This SRP Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Committee (view Terms of Reference) is appointed by the SRP Board and chaired by a volunteer Board member. The M&E Committee is concerned primarily with the collection, aggregation, analysis and reporting of SRP project data generated by members and partner projects around the world. This committee will provide oversight over development of an ICT-based system-wide reporting architecture for SRP, make recommendations to the Board on selection of provider(s) to develop an ICT-based system-wide reporting architecture for SRP; and advise on policies and procedures for data management, data privacy and legal compliance, security and linkages with global reporting frameworks.

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