Take Action. Get Involved.

SRP field interventions demonstrate positive impacts on people and planet, including savings in water use and chemical inputs, reduced carbon footprint and higher net farm incomes. Help us increase our capacity and scope to build markets and transform the rice sector.

Here’s how you can make a difference

What is your contribution to transforming the rice sector?

Join SRP as a Member

Become part of our network to gain access to new partners and data to support your institutional contribution to driving positive impacts toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

Participate in a Registered SRP Project

Participate in or support a field project managed by SRP members to enable smallholder rice farmers to shift to sustainable farming practices.

Become an Authorized Training Provider

Become an accredited institution to conduct SRP “training of trainers” activities to build awareness and capacity of value chain actors to adopt and verify sustainable best practices.

Become an SRP Authorized Trainer

Become an accredited individual who can deliver training on SRP tools to organizations, projects, and farmers on the ground, across continents and according to local context.

Source Sustainably Grown Rice

SRP-Verified rice enables retailers, wholesalers, food service companies and food processors to create a strong competitive edge that attracts a growing market of conscious consumers who choose to contribute to both social and environmental sustainability.

Buy SRP-Verified Rice

Look for the ‘SRP-Verified’ Label when you buy rice. The Label empowers consumers to choose products that directly support efforts to boost farmer incomes and reduce the social and environmental impact of rice production.

Become a Champion

Launch a national, regional, or international advocacy campaign to raise visibility of sustainable rice. Innovate to connect consumers to farmers, secure commitment of your network partners and make the case for action.

Join a SRP National Chapter

Participate in multi-stakeholder processes to establish SRP National Chapters at country level, including to shape the development of SRP National Interpretation Guidelines and policy advocacy.